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Did you know how good for the environment our packaging is?

Sometimes our packaging may contain material that is recycled from orders we receive at home. This would include bubble wrap, air pouches paper and card stuffing and polystyrene void filler. We also save lots of cardboard boxes for when heavier items have to go abroad. You may see one of these with your order too.

All other material that we use from new are our recyclable white postal cardboard boxes and Mail-lite Gold ‘Jiffy’ bags and board backed envelopes. Our void fill is EcoFlo (Maize-based starch) which is fully (and very quickly) bio-degradable. You should see it when it gets wet! It’s a little more expensive and slightly heavier but worth using overall. You can read more about the material here:

The only item we freely admit is not recyclable (but is very reusable) are our bubble bag pouches that we need to use to protect pens, brushes and ink bottles.

All our new packaging is sourced locally from Kite Packaging in Coventry.

Do let me know if there’s anything I may be able to improve on as I always look to help the environment and wildlife where I can.

Keep safe and look after yourselves.