Guide Lines

Guideline Generator


If you find yourself with a few spare minutes and decide you are going to practice your calligraphy, you don’t want to waste time ruling-up the paper! The Guideline Generator can help you!  Use Scribbler’s free tool to quickly generate a ruled-up sheet so you can spend more time practising.

Enjoy your Calligraphy.

The Guideline Generator will quickly generate guidelines for you – and it’s FREE!


On the left-hand side you will see a link to the Guideline Generator.  Click on the link to open the Guideline Generator page.

The screenshot below shows you what information you can enter when you are ready to start.

Distances for the ascender, body and descender heights are entered in millimetres and can all be different.  A distance between sets of these lines can also be entered.

If you do not want to set sizes for each element, just enter the same measurement for the ascender, body, descender and distance between the lines.  This will generate a sheet with all lines an equal distance apart.

Once you have entered the required distances click on the Download Template and your page will be generated.

There is also a Pro version which you have to subscribe to, but this allows you many more options

You can find much more information on Calligraphy from Scribblers at their website