My Calligraphy Styles

Do you have an idea about your custom calligraphy commission? Already have your wedding stationery, party invitations or certificates?

If you already have your wedding stationery, party invitations or certificates, but want them written for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Choose from any of my calligraphy styles below.
I have eight calligraphy styles that you can choose from – all pictured and named below. Any of them would look great on your commission, invitations or place cards and will always help to make your wonderful day or special event that touch more fantastic.

Prices are very reasonable, but I do like to have a few weeks notice if possible please (though I have been known to perform miracles).

Choose from these lovely style sheets:


Since every job or commission is unique, I prefer to discuss all the details with you first, then provide you with an estimate which can be agreed upon. My aim is to make you happy.

Apart from white and cream paper invitations, I can write on black envelopes, presentation boxes and 5mm thick boards. I also offer special Finetec Inks with pearlescent colours such as White, Silver, Purple or Gold. They really do look fantastic and have shimmering hues that are simply wonderful.

All my work is by hand. Computers are not used to give an illusion of Calligraphy.
Please note that home PC’s and printers cannot provide these type of finishes.

I will be very pleased to discuss any options to help you with organising your special day.