I’m Manuscript’s Featured Artist of the month!

How cool is this? Manuscript ( a huge UK calligraphy pen and nib manufacturer in the West Midlands) has made me their featured artist of the month!
The article explains how I started, what I do, how and why.

Take a look at the feature using this link: http://www.calligraphy.co.uk/artist/jane-lappage-of-calligraphy-arts/ and while you’re there, you may feel a little inspired by the other artists too.

I already stock a number of products made by Manuscript and will be extending the range soon enough, meanwhile, here’s a link to lots of Manuscript’s products in my shop. https://www.calligraphyarts.co.uk/shop/gb/4_manuscript

3 thoughts on “I’m Manuscript’s Featured Artist of the month!

  1. Leigh Pinsent

    Hi Jane
    I am on Streetlife and would be interested in joining an evening class of calligraphy. Currently busy on Tuesday evening.
    Regards Leigh

    1. Jane Lappage

      Hi Leigh.
      Thanks for your enquiry. I am setting up evening classes for “Round Hand” style in the Leicester Forest East library. It will be a 4 week course starting Thursday 23rd February 2017 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. I will need a minimum of 4 people to make this happen, but I’m sure this will be okay. Cost would be around £18 for each class including materials or all 4 classes for £60. I’ve yet to fully advertise this but will let you know when it’s properly organised. Please let me know if you’re interested.

      If you’d like to sign up for my newsletter, you will get notifications about new workshops: https://www.calligraphyarts.co.uk/calligraphy-arts/keep-in-touch/. Also, keep an eye out on my workshops page: https://www.calligraphyarts.co.uk/workshops/
      Kind regards,

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