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Have you ever wanted to try Calligraphy or know someone who wants a new calligraphy pen or a bottle of ink?

Can you remember how you felt when you last received a hand-written note? Can you remember the last time you sent one? In a world which is increasingly obsessed with the latest digital communication tools and online interaction, hand-written letters have sadly become a lost art. A hand-written letter is extraordinarily private, precious and conveys emotion not possible with email or text messages. Timelessly classic, these Italian-crafted pewter, feather and wooden quill dip calligraphy pens and traditional calligraphy sets of quills, inks and nibs are ideal for restoring old fashioned values and elegant handwriting.

We stock calligraphy dip pens and accessories from Italian manufacturers, Bortoletti and La Kaligrafica. See more in our calligraphy shop

You can also find a terrific range of wax seal kits, pen holders and pen rests. Ink wells that can be engraved, letter openers that incorporate calligraphy pens. Goodness, there’s so much to see.

They are made from wonderful materials such as Nickel Silver, Bronze, Glass and Pewter. There are also the more traditional Wooden and Feather quills.

These calligraphy pens are particularly suitable on your wedding day when signing the wedding register certificate. You’ll love the white goose feather pens – simply lovely.

Every calligraphy pen ordered from Our Shop gets a free download of our Calligraphy Starter Pack, which will get any beginners on the way to using their new pen correctly.

You can buy La Kaligrafica and Bortoletti calligraphy dip pens, wax seal kits and accessories in our shop at

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