Why Us?

You can have a whole lot more than birthday cards and greeting cards!

Original one off pieces of calligraphic art can be commissioned from me. I can hand write or even design your wedding or party invitations, personalised cards, place cards, personalised birthday cards and custom made cards at extremely reasonable rates – you could be surprised!

If you want corporate certificates writing for your company, such as long service awards or commendations, then I will be very happy to do this for you too.

I work from home, which keeps my overheads very low. All of the paper, card and envelopes used by me are sourced from within the UK, meaning great quality control and great products for you. I am constantly searching for improvements to keep my costs competitive to give you an affordable shopping experience in these tough, economic times.

Being based in Leicester – the rural heart of England – gives me the opportunity to reach out to customers in many parts of the UK. So whether you live in Loughborough, Nottingham, Derbyshire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Lincoln, Birmingham, East Midlands, West Midlands, Worcestershire, Yorkshire… well you get the idea… I can provide calligraphy nationally.
Call me or use my Contact Form and ask what I can do for you.
I aim to be your National Calligrapher of Choice in the UK.

I have a lovely photo gallery showing some of my ideas and previous work for weddings. You can even see some marriage proposals, which I think are pretty cool and have some very inventive ideas from my customers.

I am always happy to discuss your wedding stationery requirements and look forward to talking and exchanging ideas about your special day. Don’t forget those engagement party invitations either.

If you desire something truly special, there are homemade Christmas cards, more unique handmade Valentine cards, Art commissions, baby announcements and a whole lot more to come.

I can even supply homemade cards wholesale, just apply via the Contact Form.

You can also email me or call me on 07818 250605 to let me know what I can do to make your own calligraphy artwork or greeting cards that touch more special.

Why else should you choose Calligraphy Arts for your special event? I’m sure you can think of something…

Please use this simple form to get in contact with me