Modern Calligraphy – Cotesbach

3rd August 2019 – Modern Calligraphy
10:00am to 4:00pm

Come to Cotesbach Educational Trust and join professional calligraphy artist Jane Lappage from Calligraphy Arts as she teaches us Modern Calligraphy!

Do you love receiving a beautifully addressed envelope and note from a friend or have you always wanted to learn how to make craft tags or home decor with beautiful handwriting? Join us at this workshop and learn how!

Great for beginners and the more experienced calligraphy. Try your hand at this new on trend ‘Modern Calligraphy’.

A perfect start to learning all the basic skills of this fabulous art, leaving you with the confidence to create your own stationery for all those special occasions – even weddings!

Work with different nibs, inks and special Finetec inks to see for yourself how different they are whilst mastering the technique needed to form the letters. Moving onto flourishes, design, spacing and layout to create a finished piece of your choice. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in this time and how wonderful calligraphy is for those special day-to-day things you can use it for.

£50 per person

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8 thoughts on “Modern Calligraphy – Cotesbach

  1. Jackie Bradwell

    Really enjoyed this day, everyone very friendly. Helped me to learn the basics of calligraphy which is now a starting point for me to practice at home.

  2. Sophie Puffett

    Thoroughly enjoyed the session and loved the way you explained it completely before letting us loose! Super happy that I’ve got to leave having made something and am now confident that I have the basics down! Thanks.

  3. Christine Frogbrook

    Excellent course, learnt so much, really inspiring tutor, great course content to let me do calligraphy items at home. Love the centre and site.

  4. Ruth Dunse

    Excellent tutor, with clear instructions. Loved having a go and will definitely be using time to get better technique. Great starting point!


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