Modern Calligraphy – The Pen Museum – Birmingham

** SOLD OUT ** 23rd March 2019 – Modern Calligraphy
10:00am to 4:00pm

Great for beginners and the more experienced calligraphy. Try your hand at this new on trend ‘Modern Calligraphy’.

A perfect start to learning all the basic skills of this fabulous art, leaving you with the confidence to create your own stationery for all those special occasions – even weddings!

Work with different nibs, inks and special Finetec inks to see for yourself how different they are whilst mastering the technique needed to form the letters. Moving onto flourishes, design, spacing and layout to create a finished piece of your choice. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in this time and how wonderful calligraphy is for those special day-to-day things you can use it for.

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12 thoughts on “Modern Calligraphy – The Pen Museum – Birmingham

  1. Jeremy Clack

    I have really appreciated the time given for practise, the gentle instruction and been amazed at what I have made in the time available!

  2. Andrea Wesley

    Great class, timing and content perfect. Teacher was clear and easy to follow. Felt productive and happy with the end result. Thank you!


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